Newsletter 2 – GAIA-X getting speed


GAIA-X moving forward

Two major events took place during last weeks that have been very active also otherwise.

GAIA-X foundation acquired an official status as a non-profit organisation in Belgium. Legal status is expected to be ready in November. VTT will represent GAIA-X for Finland as a day-one member in this new foundation. Day-one membership can be applied until September 30th. This is a major step as the legal status is main requirement and necessity for further activities.

Second news came from political frontier. President of European Union’s commission Ursula von der Leyen stated that GAIA-X would be a basis of European trusted cloud in the State of the Union Address September 16th.  We cannot hope for better support than this. It is obvious that political decision makers have adopted GAIA-X mission and that next research and innovation programmes will include respective investments on this.

We have been active as well. GAIA-X for Finland workshop was kept online on September 1st. It laid ground for Finnish initiative to create GAIA-X capabilities for our ICT community. All the participants, about ten companies, expressed their interest to invest on setting up an activity for creating Finnish GAIA-X hub and first proof of concepts based on GAIA-X technologies. Since then, the discussions on more detailed content have and will continue. This discussion is naturally still open for new partners. is the place where you can join this.

In the coming weeks we shall formulate the ideas into a project plan for establishing the GAIA-X baseline for Finnish cloud ecosystem and for creating a seamless co-operation with European GAIA-X partners. Even in these dark times, the future looks bright!

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Newsletter 2 – GAIA-X getting speed

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