Newsletter 1


This is the first newsletter of GAIA-X for Finland action. The purpose of the GAIA-X action is the create Trusted Cloud Infrastructure for Europe and GAIA-X for Finland is its national branch promoted in this website.

The aim of this Newsletter series is to report on the status of GAIA-X for Finland and the progress and results done in European context. The newsletter will be published biweekly, but this blog forum will publish other blogs from our partners.

GAIA-X has been prepared for some time, but public announcements and call for collaboration was done this spring. GAIA-X is now moving on three tracks. It is preparing the technical architecture, standards, and policies, developing community open source implementations of key elements, and launching first practical use cases that are based on shared data and services on the GAIA-X edge-cloud infrastructure.

GAIA-X for Finland is a new community aiming to take Finnish data and cloud ecosystem on-board to these developments. So, this is also a call for participation to set up a strong Finnish branch that is in the core of next generation data-driven services. Our roadmap is clear. We need to learn and master the value co-creation in Internet based data economy. Setting up a Finnish co-innovation projects that tackle both the core technology and various use cases is the first priority that needs to be done immediately. Secondly, the preparation for collaboration in GAIA-X based value co-creation in European context must be started now.

The first concrete action that will take place already in this month will be a workshop that will discuss about the content of collaboration between Finnish stakeholders. Further information will be distributed through this channel.

Other blog posts

Newsletter 4 – GAIAXPACE project proposal getting shape

GAIAXPACE is a VTT-led Business Finland co-innovation proposal that will combine frontrunner Finnish companies from several sectors to join to the development and adoption of GAIA-X technology.

Newsletter 3 – Finnish GAIA-X Hub launch event

The Finnish GAIA-X Hub was launched on the 5th of February and the preparation phase will be coordinated by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

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GAIA-X is getting an official status and a big political push. We are making steps towards concrete actions too.