For Finnish Data Economy Business Ecosystem

GAIA-X for Finland is meant for all interested parties in Finnish Data Economy business ecosystem. We welcome all interested parties who want to contribute their domain-specific and technical requirements and who want to actively participate to GAIA-X. We also welcome companies and organisation interested in developing GAIA-X based value co-creation in Finnish co-innovation initiatives and European joint projects.

Why join?

GAIA-X is a major European initiative for trusted data sharing. It has already a strong support from German and French governments and close links to European Commission. More than 300 organizations from various countries are already involvedin GAIA-X. Still, the project is open to new European interested parties to join us in its development.

GAIA-X has been seen important for Finland and our data economy business ecosystem. GAIA-X for Finland is a coordination initiative that will help and support participation to GAIA-X. It increases the possibilities to bring in our needs to GAIA-X.