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Newsletter 4 – GAIAXPACE project proposal getting shape

GAIAXPACE is a VTT-led Business Finland co-innovation proposal that will combine frontrunner Finnish companies from several sectors to join to the development and adoption of GAIA-X technology.

Newsletter 3 – Finnish GAIA-X Hub launch event

The Finnish GAIA-X Hub was launched on the 5th of February and the preparation phase will be coordinated by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Newsletter 2 – GAIA-X getting speed

GAIA-X is getting an official status and a big political push. We are making steps towards concrete actions too.

Newsletter 1

This is the first newsletter of GAIA-X for Finland action. The purpose of the GAIA-X action is the create Trusted Cloud Infrastructure for Europe and GAIA-X for Finland is its national branch promoted in this website.
Ethernet cables

Gaia-X – your own cloud is the best cloud, but why?

France and Germany have decided to develop a European cloud. Towards the end of last year, news stories were already trumpeting their Gaia-X project as a challenger to the cloud giant Amazon. And there is a modicum of truth in it. One of the project’s objectives is indeed for European industry and public administration to get a tighter grip on its own data.

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#REKRY: Haluatko päästä mukaan rakentamaan reilua datataloutta?

Haemme @GAIAXforFinland-projektille vetäjää. Onko sinulla ymmärrystä datataloudesta, olet tiimipelaaja etkä hätkähdä kv-yleisön edessä?

Hakuaikaa on jatkettu 22.8. asti.


The mission of the Finnish Gaia-X hub is to promote the competitiveness of Finnish companies in the European market.

#GaiaxForFinland #DigitalSovereignty

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